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Monthly Archives: February 2007



This picture has been in the news today. When a star like our sun runs out of fuel it can shed its outer layers and become a type of star called a white dwarf. In the future, maybe around 5 billion years from now, it is possible that a similar thing will happen to our […]

I am the universe


I am the universe. The universe is not something which is outside of me. Not only is there no difference between me and my surroundings, they are not two separable things. It is not even straightforward to exactly define what is and isn’t me at any particular point in time. My survival is entirely dependent […]

Small Dogs


I’m walking back to my house from the shop, carrying some food. Something grabs the bottom of my left trouser leg. I turn quickly, but there is nothing there, move my bags out of the way. A tiny dog, maybe a 20th of my size at the most, attacking my ankle. Grrr, get out of […]

Hollow Religion


It is easy to ignore religion. When you live in Britain, religion is often a quaint and backward set of clearly incorrect beliefs; or a scary thing belonging to other people. I’m not a student of theology, but some things are clear to me. I’m only really considering the idea of revealed religion. Religion which […]

Jigger Pick


On my way to work I walk past a primary school. Most days there is a group of women, often the same ones, standing talking outside the gate. Sometimes, one or two lollypop ladies are there too. On Tuesday last week, when I walked past, they where standing around the gate as usual, with a […]



Silence in a stadium of 1000s. A musically poor and lyrically devisive song. Billy Joel. Misty eyed player, children standing to attention, other hands on hearts. Cut to Iraq, soldiers in desert cam standing to attention. A cheer. A woman, a player? Signing for the deaf. Fighter pilot, on a big screen, trained to kill […]