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Small Dogs

I’m walking back to my house from the shop, carrying some food. Something grabs the bottom of my left trouser leg. I turn quickly, but there is nothing there, move my bags out of the way. A tiny dog, maybe a 20th of my size at the most, attacking my ankle. Grrr, get out of it you fucker. I think its disadvantage may have occured to it too about then. It didn’t try and bite me again.

Even so, it carried on yapping. I thought about kicking it, very nearly did. But I know that kids live in that house; and I didn’t want to explain to them why I killed their dog. So I just motioned like I was going to kick it. It bought the dummy completely (brave, but obviously stupid), and ran back through the gate. For some reason the gate was held open with a brick. The thing carried on yapping even after I had closed it back into its garden.

Nasty little bugger said the passer by.

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