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Circle Pit

I love moshing. Its really very cool. You need a group of people to do it. It can be dangerous. Its always painful, if its done right. I love the self organisation. The mutual respect between the participants. Seeing someone fall down. A group of people forming a wall to protect the people on the ground and then picking them up.

Its a fantastic experience, falling down in a circle pit. Its dangerous, it can be painful, but having five total strangers grab you and hoist you up almost before you have hit the floor is a mind expanding experience. You will fall over.

I know that they look violent and aggressive. They are both of those things. There are no written rules. It seems like the most inappropriate thing that you could do in a huge crowd. Shove open a circle then start running around and slamming into the sides of it. But everyone stays calm, and they trust everyone else to stay calm. If you get badly hurt, people will help you out of the pit. If you need to get out, just walk back into the crowd and people will move.

Here is a pit at devildriver in donnington. Its not the most violent ever; but it is very large. It would have been more fun for me if I hadn’t been filming it. Hopefully I didn’t get in the way. I had a busted up leg from a pit the day before, so I decided to try to film it from the side; but then I couldn’t resist. There is some good footage of what happens when people fall down. And I fall down myself towards the end.

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