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how many tournaments do you have to play before you get heads up with any other given player


The number of ways to choose r elements from a set of n elements is given by the Binomial Coefficient formula: n!/(r!(n-r)!) So, for example, if we have a tournament with 10 players starting, the calculation for the number of possible pairs of players that could get heads up is: 10!/(2!8!) 3628800/(2 * 40320) 3628800/80640 […]

Snaggle Board


Snaggle Board is a betting game which I believe was invented by Adrian Dracup. It works like this: All players make a bet The dealer shuffles a 52 card deck The dealer deals out all the cards in a line, one at a time If any consecutive 5 cards in the deck make a straight […]

Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See


I recently saw a video about climate change being posted on facebook. Its a modern example of a logic argument known as Pascal’s Wager, which goes something like; God may or may not exist You can choose to believe in god or not If you choose to believe in God and god exists you will […]