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Inspired by Danny Shine’s leaflet (see below), here is my version of his meditations. The idea is not to believe or disbelieve the statements, but instead just to take one and experience it for a minute or two.

  1. What if the only time is now, and the future and the past are just my expectations and memories?
  2. What if there is only one thing – everything – and all other divisions are arbitrary?
  3. What if most of the things I know are not true, nor correct, reasonable or even good; but are only functional or random?
  4. What if there is no reason or purpose to anything, only what exists now?
  5. What if your nationality, your language and your name are just figments of a collective imagination?
  6. What if you are exactly as important as everything else?
  7. What if I am no more who I was yesterday, than I am who you where yesterday?
  8. What if there is no good or evil, no right or wrong, just existence and what you choose to do?

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