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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Seeing Stars


I’m worried about how not being able to see the stars is affecting me. I’ve never lived anywhere that the stars were really visible. But I remember being able to see alot more of them when I was younger and further north. In London I can see hardly any, and even the ones I can […]

Protesters stage ‘die-in’ to challenge climate change sceptics


Protesters stage ‘die-in’ to challenge climate change sceptics There where about twenty people, maybe a few more. After a few minutes, a couple of security gaurds came and asked us to move. Apparently, the bricked area around the outside of the central market is private property! Luckily the paved area alongside the Gardening Club is […]

Variation Under Nature


A while ago I attended a lecture on nationalism as the dominant ideology. I’ve also been reading a book which makes a similar contention called Banal Nationalism by Michael Billig. It is like a bubble which surrounds the set of ideas we know how to talk about. A set of base reference points which we […]



Its not clear to me, what being me actually is. I’m not sure its always been that way. I think that in the past I might have know, or had the illusion of knowing. There are certain asumptions, or my perception and interpretation of cultural norms that I have begun to doubt. It started in […]

Not Being Me


Sometimes, I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of not being me. I’m not sure when it first happened, although I’m confident that it wasn’t very long ago. I’ve been interested for a while in the nature of objects, particularly what it means to be a train. I think it started when trains began to look […]