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Britons want to work more?


So, the FT has an article which claims that “Britons want to work more”. Evidence for this it cites data which shows that since 2008 the number of people who would work more hours if they were available has moved significantly ahead of the number of people who think they are working too many hours. […]

Curried Squash and Red Lentil soup


Rye and Semolina Pizza


First attempt at a rye pizza. Probably needed to be 65% hydration rather than 60%. Ingredients 300g rank-hovis as you like it 80g doves Farm Organic 00 flour 60g fine semolina 60g rye flour 300ml water 7g fast action yeast 1tsp salt 1tsp olive oil Method Autolyse Mix 300g white flour with 300ml warm water. […]



You need to make the Tahini and then use a bit of it to make the humus and store the rest of the Tahini in a clean jar in the fridge. Tahini Ingredients 4:1 sesame seeds:olive oil by volume I typically use 200ml of seeds to 50ml of oil, it is difficult to blend less. […]

No Knead Pizza Dough – Metric Conversion


380g flour 360ml water 1/4 teaspoon instant yeast 3/2 teaspoon salt Optional (add both or neither otherwise you will over-rise or under-rise the dough): 60ml olive oil 1 tsp sugar Directions: Mix the flour with the yeast and salt + water. Cover with plastic wrap and rest for 18hours. On a lightly floured surface, lightly […]

Texas Flour Tortillas – Metric Conversion


This is a metric conversion of my favorite flour tortilla recipe Ingredients 250g of of all-purpose flour can make them whole wheat by substituting half whole-wheat flour for white flour 18g (1 1/2 teaspoons) of baking powder 18g (1 teaspoon) of salt 12ml/4.5g (2 teaspoons) of vegetable oil 175ml/180g of warm milk Method Mix flour, […]

how many tournaments do you have to play before you get heads up with any other given player


The number of ways to choose r elements from a set of n elements is given by the Binomial Coefficient formula: n!/(r!(n-r)!) So, for example, if we have a tournament with 10 players starting, the calculation for the number of possible pairs of players that could get heads up is: 10!/(2!8!) 3628800/(2 * 40320) 3628800/80640 […]



These riots were not about race: the perpetrators and the victims were white, black and Asian. These riots were not about government cuts: they were directed at high street stores, not Parliament. And these riots were not about poverty: that insults the millions of people who, whatever the hardship, would never dream of making others […]

Oppenheimer and Einstein


Snaggle Board


Snaggle Board is a betting game which I believe was invented by Adrian Dracup. It works like this: All players make a bet The dealer shuffles a 52 card deck The dealer deals out all the cards in a line, one at a time If any consecutive 5 cards in the deck make a straight […]